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Welcome to RESP-NB

"Your Information Source for Registered Education Savings Plans 

in New Brunswick"

Did you Know...

Your child's post-secondary education could cost you 

up to $70,000*


You have less than 18 years to come up with it.

*Total Education Costs (4-year program)

Years to save





Tuition Only





Tuition plus 

room & board





This chart is based on a 5% inflation rate for tuition and a 3% inflation rate for room & board

Benefits of RESP's

You contribute to your child's education

Government matches up to 20% of your total deposits (max $2,000/yr)

Your deposits grow tax sheltered while in the RESP

Minimum contribution of $25/month


If your child does not attend a post-secondary institution,

 your total deposits are returned to you tax free



Take a look at the PowerPoint presentation below on the Diploma RESP package available through Industrial Alliance and ARC Financial Group Ltd.

Industrial Alliance Presentation

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